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Dave discovered an interesting situation with his alternator pulley. He found a non-standard split-ring washer on the alternator shaft between the forward half of the pulley and the alternator body. The washer (which didn't even fit properly) had been placed there by a PO to prevent the pulley flange from rubbing against the rear face of the alternator. Following is some conversation regarding this situation.

Dave wrote - I ordered another pulley ..., so I have THREE now! And the lip that protrudes forward on the front pulley half is different on all three. The one that was on the car is the worst -- without the washer that the PO put in it would chew the alternator to pieces. The one from John Connolly (Aircooled.Net) is better, but still rubs slightly. The new chrome one protrudes forward the least and clears the alternator completely. Very strange.

Three pulleys supposedly for exactly the same application, all different. The three I have are virtually identical, EXCEPT for the depth of the lip on the front half. And that depth is critical -- if its too deep, it will rub on the alternator. The one that was on the car had that problem big-time -- the lip is about 1/8th inch deeper than the new one I'm putting on, and would have gouged a big chunk out of the alternator were it not for the big washer that the PO stuck on the shaft in front of it. (The washer didn't even fit properly on the shaft!) The pulley John Connolly sent me is better, but the lip is still about 1/32th inch too deep. I could grind it down without any problem, but its ugly! :-) So I'm going with the pretty chrome one with the shallow lip.

I'm also thinking about replacing the crankshaft pulley with a pretty one with the degrees printed all around it -- I don't know -- that's probably pretty silly. No real useful purpose -- just "tricks out" the car.

Rob responded - I guess they work okay. But DON'T get the "power pulley" version. These have a smaller diameter so they spin the fan slower, allowing a few more hp for the wheels. But of course that also means reduced cooling, so it's bye-bye engine much sooner.

Dave wrote - John Connolly (Aircooled.Net) wrote me last night to make sure I was putting both pulley halves on the alternator shaft when checking for interference -- for some reason it makes a difference. Still some slight rubbing -- I think if I take a few rough edges off with my grinder it will be okay.

I also put on the fan belt, but I'm not finished with that. I have a hard time holding the belt up so the rear pulley half goes on straight, and keep bunging up spacers! Gotta refine my technique.

Rob wrote - A new belt is always tricky. I find if I grab both "sides" just under where it will go round the alt pulley (just above the "middle of the belt if that makes sense) and squeeze it whilst pulling it up tight around the engine pulley I can hold it clear of the shims and usually get the outer pulley half on enough to start the nut.


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