Capacitor (Condensor) Test


Condensors last a long time, but a defective condenser makes a huge difference in the spark voltage.

Here's a good snippet from an Aussie manual for testing the capacitor -

  1. Remove distributor cap.
  2. First, make sure the condensor is connected to the points properly.
  3. Turn crankshaft until the points are fully open (any cylinder).
  4. Disconnect the LT (green) wire from the coil.
  5. Connect a test lamp wire to the ignition coil terminal and the other lead to the distributor wire.
  6. Switch on the ignition. If the lamp lights, the condensor is grounded internally and must be replaced.
  7. Now reconnect the distributor wire to the coil.
  8. Pull the main high tension wire from the coil, and with the ignition on, turn the engine over. The spark should jump a 1/4 inch gap to earth. If it won't jump this distance, replace the condensor.


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