Shift Rod Coupler Replacement


  1. Remove the two shifter (gear stick) bolts and remove the shifter assembly and stop plate. Note the position and orientation of the stop plate so you can reinstall it the same way. The ramped tab should be to the right (ramp to the right easy to remember).
  2. remove the rear seat and remove the cover plate near the rear of the tunnel. The gear change-rod coupling is then visible under the cover plate. Remove the old coupling.

  3. Push the shift rod forward a bit as necessary. Then attach the new coupler to the shift rod by positioning the U-portion of the coupler so that the holes line up with the hole through the shift rod. Turn the shift rod as necessary.
  4. Place the cup-shaped washer on the self-tapping screw with the dished end pointing inward.
  5. Run the metal tube through the holes in the coupler and the hole in the end of the shift rod.
  6. Install the self-tapping screw through the tube on the other side, and while firmly holding the flared end of the tube with pliers, screw the self-tapping screw into the tube with a 11-mm socket. Turn the coupler as necessary to gain access.
  7. While guiding the new coupler onto the transmission shaft, push the shift lever forward into either first or third gear and push the coupler onto the transmission shaft.
  8. Replace the little hex-head bolt (10mm) on the top rear of the coupler, making sure that it screws into the indented hole in the transmission shaft. Make sure all fasteners are tightened securely.
  9. Note: Some have a hole through the head of the bolt for a lock wire if yours has this hole, use a piece of light fencing wire or thick copper wire through the hole and wrapped around the coupler and prevent the bolt head unscrewing.

  10. Clean all shift lever parts thoroughly and re-assemble the shift lever assembly. Lubricate all moving parts with multi-purpose grease. Pack the shifter cup and the bottom of the shift rod assembly (where the spring is) with grease.
  11. Reinstall the shift lever assembly. Make sure the ball socket on the end of the shift lever engages the slot in the ball socket. If the shift lever is installed and seated properly, it will be vertical when it is in neutral. Also make sure that the stop plate is oriented properly (ramp to the right).
  12. Before completely tightening the shifter bolts, adjust the stop plate per the Stop Plate Adjustment procedure.
  13. Replace the access panel under the rear seat and put the seat back in.


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