Removing and Installing
Door Handles


Condition: You need/want to replace the door handles, or the handle is loose.


  1. Open the door and look along the outer edge, where the weatherstipping is.
  2. At the position of the door handle, pull the weatherstripping aside slightly; you will find two Phillips-head screws there. The top one threads into the door handle to secure it; the lower one secures the door lock mechanism.
  3. If you are going to remove the door handle, remove the upper screw and lay it aside in a safe place. If the handle is just loose and you want to tighten it, simply tighten the upper securely. Also check the tightness of the lower screw while you are there.
  4. After removing the screw, pull the handle free of the door and unhook the handle at its forward edge.
  5. Note: If you are installing new door handles, first take them to a lock smith and have the locks changed to match the ignition key. This may seem frivilous, but it can be important if you lose the ignition key.

    Just for information, it is possible to alter the door locks yourself to match the ignition key. The doors use 5 sliders (5 indents in the key), the igntion key uses all 7 indents in the key. The brass sliders can be removed and reset so with the key inserted, they all retract flush with the barrel of the lock. If you have an old unused lock to practice on, it's a fun project to get new door locks matching your old ignition key.

  6. When installing the new handle, clean the lock and the door release trigger, then apply graphite powder or door and lock lubricant.
  7. Make sure the gaskets are in good condition (if not, replace them) and that they seat properly when you mount the door handle on the door.
  8. Install the door handle into the door, first hooking it into the door at its forward edge.
  9. Reinstall the upper screw and tighten it securely (as tightly as you can without messing up the Phillips head


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