Flywheel Gaskets and O-Rings


When reinstalling his flywheel, Dave found that the gasket supplied in the kit was an 8-hole gasket, even though his car only has four dowel pins. Rob indicated that it would be okay to use the 8-hole gasket.

Dave read in the procedure -- "Always use a new sealing ring (gasket) between the flywheel and the crank-shaft." There definitely wasn't one there when Dave first pulled the flywheel. He installed a new O-ring (P/N 311 105 295A) in the flywheel. However, the gasket (113 105 279B - his catalog doesn't show 279 or 279A) is for the '61-'66 Bug.

Rob verified this -- he I took another look at his catalog, and it does indeed indicate that the gasket is for the '61-'66 Bug. So maybe the later Bugs don't need the gasket. A bit of confusion.

Rob later spoke with his VW mechanic friend and found the answer -- earlier Bugs did not have an o-ring seal in the flywheel, and used the paper gasket instead. And these are now available with 4 or 8 holes so the earlier engines can be 8-dowelled.

Bottom line: For any engine which has an o-ring flywheel, you don't use the paper or metal gasket.

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