Engine Compartment
Insulation Installation


  1. Remove the engine from the car (see our Engine Removal Procedure).
  2. Remove the old insulation from the firewall. It was attached with contact cement and a bunch of small metal tabs. There is a good chance that some of these tabs will be broken off, and the rest bent over.
  3. Using a pair of square-jaw pliers, bend all of the tabs out so that they will protrude through the new insulation.
  4. With all of the tabs straightened, push the new center piece of insulation into place. Be sure to run the alternator wires through the hole in the insulation.
  5. Note: Be very careful as you push the insulation in place that the protruding tabs do not poke your fingers. This will hurt and stain the firewall.

  6. After the entire section of insulation is pushed flat against the body, bend the tabs over using a small hammer.
  7. There are a couple of larger tabs on the lower portion of the firewall that will need to be bent up. If most of the stock tabs remain, it shouldn't be necessary to use contact cement.
  8. Install the side pieces in the same way.
  9. Note: Be sure that you do not install the new insulation over the wiring that connects to the engine. You may need to use a razor knife to trim the corners just a bit to get them to fit without bending.

  10. Touch up the bend tabs with a little black paint.
  11. Replace the engine (see our Engine Reinstallation Procedure).

Note: For a time Dave's '73 Super Beetle was running hot, and as a result the piece of insulation on the left side became deformed. Dave's solution to this was to remove the piece and warm it up (like in the oven -- but watch it closely so as to not incur your wife's wrath!) and then flatten it back into shape. Reinstall it with weatherstripping adhesive.


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