Miscellaneous Topics

Following is a list of unrelated topics that we didn't know
how to otherwise categorize, with links provided.


1966 Owner's Manual

Owner's Manuals are becoming increasingly difficult to find.


A nagging problem that is difficult to resolve.

Alternator/Generator Stand

Avoid the cheap pot-metal variety!

Lifting the Car

Do's and Dont's.

Antarctic Beetles

They work great in extreme cold!

MIG Welding

A skill we wish we had!

Bentley Manual Index

Why didn't Bentley include one?

Bolt-On Modifications

Getting The Most Out Of Your Stock VW.

Standard Bug vs. Supers

How to tell the difference.

Oil Temperature Gauge

Keep an eye on your oil temperature.

Buying a Volkswagen

Some good tips.

More Power!

But remember -- you're not driving a race car!

Changes Made to the Beetle Over the Years

A handy list to help you figure out what you've got.


To tow or be towed.

Do You Care Enough?

("It's only a Volkswagen!")

Up Hill!

A Volkswagen has two speeds -- up hill and down!

Gas in the Oil

You want to fix this problem fast!


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