Pan Tunnel

Someone wrote to ask ? I'd like to mount a storage box on the top of the pan tunnel behind the front seats. I know there are some parts that run up this center section. Can I safely drill 2-3 1/4" holes into the top of this tunnel at the area between the front and rear seats without hitting anything? I'd like to use these holes to run some 1/2" long sheet metal screws into to hold the storage box.

Rob responded ? Take a look at the following picture put together by Graeme Rumballe, a friend in the Queensland Australia VW club.


Pan Tunnel


You can see that the hand brake cable is the only item close to the top of the tunnel and so you should be okay so long as you use large diameter but short tek screws or self tapping screws. The brake tubes are near each side so a screw in the middle in that area should not be a problem anyway.

If you take the cover plate off the top of the tunnel under the back seat you'll see that the clutch tube does rise on the left side to the top of the tunnel (it's welded just under the hatch) so you need to steer clear of that with the two screws over the widening section at the back. You should be able to follow the line of that tube and get some idea of where it will be in the area you want to put the screws. As I said - just keep them short and you should be okayh.

Also, when drilling, drive only just through the metal - don't let it dive in up to the chuck, just in case you find a tube under it.

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