Alternate Procedure for Removal and Replacing the Master Cylinder


Master Cylinder Removal -

  1. Make sure the brake fluid reservoir is empty.
  2. Remove the brake light connections from the old master cylinder.
  3. Remove the two hoses from the reservoir.
  4. Remove the brake lines from the old master cylinder.
  5. Remove the driver's seat and unbolt the old master cylinder from the inside of the car.
  6. Go under the car and hit the old master cylinder with a rubber mallet and removed it.

Master Cylinder Replacement -

  1. Place the new master cylinder in place, then and insert a 6mm allen wrench into the top hole of the master cylinder with the crooked end against the master cylinder, then run the allen wrench through the firewall and into the cabin.
  2. Note: The contributor writes - "There were no sleeves on the bolts between the two sections of the firewall. They must have fallen in the past. I hope this does not cause issues in the future." Regard these sleeves, please see the note under the second installation step in our Replacing the Master Cylinder procedure.

  3. Inside the car, pull the end of the allen wrench through the two sections of the firewall so as to pull the new master cylinder firmly into place so you can get the bolts started.
  4. Note: The person who submitted this procedure tightened the bolts until he felt the firewall was stressing, then stopped. "I did not want to bend the two walls together," he said. Once again, check out Replacing the Master Cylinder procedure in this regard.

  5. Adjust the brake shoes, then bleed the two rear then two front front wheels.
  6. Note:This person writes, "I used a little brake bleeding set to bleed the brakes. The set was purchased at Autozone for around $6.00. The kit contains a small plastic container with a hose for the bleeding nipple. I filled the container with brake fluid, then replaced the lid. The container hangs from the hose while I pump the fluid with the brake peddle." See the note in our Brake System Bleeding procedure regarding the use of such vacuum devices for bleeding the brakes.

    Thanks to Charlie Ball for this alternate method of removing and reinstalling the master cylinder.

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