Seat Belts


Concerned was expressed over the lack of shoulder belts in Dave's '73 Super Beetle. Shoulder belts would make the driver much safer, of course. The car had shoulder belts when Dave bought it originally, but they were big and clunky and always in the way. The hardware is all there to re-install them, and it is very simple to do.

The Rocky Mountain Motorworks (now Mid-America Motorworks) catalog has lap/shoulder belts for VW Bugs from 1946 to 1979. They're about $70 a pair. Buying and installing these belts did not result in wasting the front lap belts that were removed the car -- Dave installed in the back seat, which needed new belts anyway.

Bottom line -- Dave has installed the lap/shoulder safety belts in his Bug.


Dave wrote to Rob a couple of years later, during the process of restoring his '73 Super Beetle -- I reinstalled the seat belts (sure don't need THAT hefty fine if I'm ever stopped -- seat belt use is required by law in this country).

Rob responded -- They've been compulsory here in Australia since about 1972, and we get about 98% compliance. Most people recognise they save more injuries than they create.

Here the cops will stop you if they can't see the shoulder strap over the shoulder -- they don't need another reason first. Still doesn't happen too often, and the more usual event is that someone will have a accident and will be injured from hitting the dash, etc. The driver will then get fined for allowing the occupants to not wear their belts (it's the driver's responsibility here).

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