Super Beetle Tower Support Bar


Jon Chabot at TopLine Parts has designed a Super Beetle Strut Tower Support Bar that is designed to improve the rigidity of the front suspension. Jon found that the distance between the strut towers varies by more than a quarter of an inch depending on the load. The bar is quick and easy to install -- it runs across the inside of the trunk between the two strut towers. The bar is NOT a cure for the shimmies, but supposedly results in improved steering and a quieter ride. Cost is about $60.

Dave purchased and installed the Strut Tower Support Bar. An installation procedure follows.


Pictures courtesy of TopLine Parts.


Strut Tower Support Bar Installation

  1. Position the car on level ground. Do not raise the car.
  2. Open the trunk and find the upper strut mounting nuts (13mm or sometimes 14mm wrench size), three on each side. Remove these mounting nuts.
  3. Note that there are right and left-hand mounts.

  4. Place the mounting plates over the studs with the mounting tabs in the upward position.
  5. Screw on the three nuts on each side to hold the plates in position. Leave all of the nuts loose temporarily.
  6. Find the 14mm bolts (with 22mm heads) and washers that are supplied in the kit. Place a "wavy" washer on one of the bolts, then place it into the left mounting tab. Install a flat washer onto the protruding bolt.
  7. Position the aluminum strut bar between the mounting tabs, and screw it onto the bolt you have installed on the left side,with the flat washer between the mounting tab and the end of the bar.
  8. Determine the distance between the mounting tabs and insert the appropriate number of spacer washers between the bar and the mounting tab on the right side.
  9. Note: You do NOT want to pull the strut tower mounts together with the strut bar -- just provide bracing. Only select enough washers to fill the gap with the car resting on its suspension normally.

  10. Install the right hand bolt and hand tighten.
  11. Using two 22mm or two 7/8" open end wrenches, tighten both bolts at the same time. This will eliminate the need to h old the aluminum bar while tightening.
  12. Finish tighten the six 13/14mm strut mounting plate nuts.

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