Accelerator Discussion


The accelerator is really a combination of several related components. Assuming that the engine is running, acceleration of the vehicle is accomplished by the driver depressing the accelerator pedal under his or her right foot (the longish black pedal on the right-hand side of the pedal assembly). Depressing the accelerator pedal causes the accelerator cable to be pulled forward. This cable runs all the way back into the engine compartment and connects the accelerator pedal with the throttle lever on the left side of the carburetor, which in turn connects with the throttle valve inside the carburetor. Depressing the accelerator pedal opens the throttle valve and allows more of the fuel/air mixture to pass into the intake manifold and on to the cylinders, where it is burned, causing the engine revolutions to increase and the car to accelerate (if the transmission is in gear and the clutch pedal is not depressed).

If the accelerator pedal is depressed sharply, linkage on the carburetor causes the accelerator pump to activate, squirting a spray of fuel directly down the throat of the carburetor, causing more acceleration.

Note: If the accelerator pump is adjusted incorrectly, it may cause stumbling on acceleration. For proper adjustment of the pump, see our Accelerator Pump Adjustment procedure.

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