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Cooling Procedures

Please see our discussion of The VW Cooling System
for a general description of the cooling system and
pertinent links.



A problem many VW owners deal with.

Engine Tin.

The engine tin is designed to efficiently direct cooling air around the engine. Make sure it's all there and in good condition.

Oil Temperature Gauge Installaton Procedure.

May not be exactly accurate, but tells you when you are approaching a potential problem.

Engine Cooling Air System Removal/ Installation.

Thermostat and cooling vanes. Please don't remove them!

Thermostat Installation/Adjustment.

Make sure the thermostat is there and is properly adjusted.

Mexican Design Thermostat Installation and Adjustment Procedure.

The Mexican thermostat is the only alternative available today, but it works very well.

Fan Housing Removal and Reinstallation (engine in).

This procedure is for the engine IN the car. You need to do this to get to the cooling vanes.

Fan Housing Removal and Reinstallation (engine out).

This procedure is for the engine OUT the car.

Fan/Fan Housing/Fan Belt.

Essential components of the VW cooling system. Description and links.

Doghouse Oil Cooler.

A vitally important component, and the tin that surrounds it is equally important.


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