Front Suspension Procedures

Please see our discussion of VW Wheels and Tires
for more information.


Front Suspension

Description and discussion.

Changing Tie Rods and Tie Rod Ends

For loose or bent tie rods.

Checking and Adjusting Toe-In

Essential to prevent premature tire wear.

Steering Damper Replacement

Very easy; really tightens up the steering.

Steering Box Adjustment

Cure for excessive steering play.

Super Beetle Universal Joint Shaft Replacement.

Jerky steering? This little u-joint may be your problem.

Installing a Formuling Steering Wheel.

Also some useful instructions for the standard VW steering wheel.

The Notorious Super Beetle "Wobble"

Why do Supers wobble? Pretty tough to track down.

Super Beetle Strut Tower Support Bar

Provides stability to the Super Beetle front suspension.


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