Rear Suspension Procedures

Please see our discussion of VW Wheels and Tires for more information.


Rear Suspension.

An excellent article by Rob Boardman.

Adjusting a Sagging Rear Suspension.

Resetting the ride height on the rear.

Shock Absorbers.

Some good discussion.

Rear Seal Replacement.

A messy job.

Shock Absorber Replacement Procedure.

Check your shocks often.

Servicing Constant Velocity (CV) Joints.

Get rid of that grumbly sound in the rear!

Rear Wheel Bearings.

Discussion and advice from Rob.

Independent Rear Suspension - Disassembly Procedure.

Once again, this is Rob's forte.

Independent Rear Suspension - Bearing Repacking and Reinstallation Procedure.

More from Rob.

Swing Axle Suspension - Procedure for Removing and Repacking Bearings.

Another great treatise by Rob Boardman.

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