Fuel-Related Procedures

(Including Carburetion)

Please see our discussion of The VW Fuel System
for more information.



Discussion and links.

Adjusting the 30PICT/2 and Other 'Single-Screw' Solex Carburettors

Includes engine tune-up.

What Is an 'Octane Rating'?

And how does the octane number affect the aircooled VW engine?

Adjusting the 34PICT/3 and Other 'Two-Screw' Solex Carburettors

Includes engine tune-up.

Leaded vs. Unleaded Fuel

Does the aircooled VW engine need leaded fuel?

Overhauling 30PICT/2 &/3 and 34PICT/3 Carburetors

There's a nice exploded-view graphic to help you understand all the parts.

Fuel System Components.

Links to information about various fuel system components.

Overhauling the 28PICT/1 &/2 and 30PICT/1 Caraburettors

Also has an exploded view.

Fuel Tank Removal and Refurbishment

Essential eventually; often overlooked.

Accelerator Pump Adjustment

Important anytime, but especially when using the 009 distributor.

Fuel Filter Service

Don't let your filter get gunked up!.

Automatic Choke Adjustment

So your Bug will start (and run without stumbling) on those cold mornings!

Fuel Pump Test

The "Poor Man's" Test.

Fuel Pump Replacement Procedure

An easy job.


Hot start technique and things to check.

Accelerator Cable Replacement and Adjustment

An essential step in the tune-up process.

Air Inleakage

An exasperating problem -- how to diagnose and fix it.

Cleaning a Blocked Heat Riser

Icing under the carburettor? Rough running? This may be your problem.

Intake Manifold (DP) Installation Procedure and Discussion

This is a tough job with the engine in the car.

Carburetor Installation

After you have overhauled it, you have to reinstall it on the top of the intake manifold, of course.


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