Engine-Related Procedures

Please see our discussion of The Volkswagen Internal Combustion Engine for more information.


Engine Removal

Daunting at first, it's a job just about anyone can handle.

Engine Installation

The satisfaction of a job well done makes it worth it!

Removing the Fan Shroud

It's not all that difficult to do.

Engine Diagnostics

A great treatise by Rob Boardman.


Fairly easy to remove and install, but there are some tricks.

Compression Test

An important test for diagnosing your engine problems.

Engine "Wobble".

An exasperating problem!

Engine Compartment Insulation Install

Deadens the engine noise and spiffies up the engine compartment!

Flywheel Removal, Main Oil Seal Replacement, and End-Play Check

Big oil leak? Gotta do this.

Pushrod Tube Replacement

A must if your tubes are banged up and leaking.

Oil on the Engine Tin?

Very messy; easily fixed.

Oil Leakage

Bugs don't have to leak.

Miscellaneous Topics Related to Engine Operation

Links to miscellaneous good stuff.

Start-up and Break-In Procedures

Following buildup and installation of a new longblock.


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