Procedures Related to
the VW Interior

Please see our discussion of The VW Interior
for more information.


Carpet Installation

Worn out carpet? An easy job.

Seat Bottom Refurbishment

Here's what to do!.

Seat Back Refurbishment

Will your Bug ever look gorgeous!

Dash Cover Replacement (Super Beetle)

Sure sets off the interior of the car!

Door Trim Panel Removal/Installation

Would be an easy job, were it not for the cheap pressed-sawdust the panels are made of!

Door Trim Panel Protective Sheeting Installation

This will protect your door trim from moisture.

Interior Light Replacement Procedure

Wiring missing? Fiddly, but it can be done!

Headliner Replacement

A fairly tough job.

Instrument Cluster Removal and Replacement Procedure

A wiring nightmare if you're not careful!

Center Console

A handy place to put your stuff.

Water In the Cabin

Is your floor wet? Correct it soon, or your floor pans may rust!

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