Ignition Procedures

Please see our discussion of The VW Interior
for more information.


The VW Ignition System

A fairly exhaustive treatise on the VW ignition system is given at this link.

The VW Distributor

An introduction to the VW distributor, with links to related material.

Distributor Installation

You have the distributor out - now how do you get it back in properly?

Installing the Distributor Drive Pinion

You can do this yourself, but it's a bit tricky.

Distributor Tuning

Links to pertinent topics related to the tuning of the distributor are provided here.

Ignition Wires and Plugs

Pertinent discussion of ignition components.


A treatise from Rob Boardman on the subject of misfiring.

Capacitor Test

A snippet from an Aussie manual.

Capacitive Discharge Ignition System (CDI) Installation

For a hotter spark.

Electronic Ignition

General Discussion and a Bob Hoover Sermon.

Compu-Fire Electronic Ignition Installation

Procedure for installation of the system in an SVDA distributor.

Ignition Switch Replacement

If you short the black wire from the ignition switch, you'll be doing this!


Does your Bug stumble and hesitate when you press on the accelerator? Exasperating, but it can be fixed!

Note: Since this problem involves both the ignition system and the carburetion system, we have put this material in both places.

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