Procedures Related to
the VW Body

Please see our discussion of The VW Body for more information.


Door Replacement and Adjustment

An Awkward job -- best get an assistant.

Removing/Installing the Door Latch Mechanism.

It's a fiddly job, but needs doing at least once every 20 years!

Door Handle Removal/Replacement.

When the trigger in the door handle breaks, the handle needs replacing.

Door Striker Plate Adjustment

Makes for a nice crisp "click" when you close the door.

Removing and Installling Door Trim Panels.

New trim panels really set off the interior of the car.

Installing Fixed Windows in the Beetle.

Lots of "technique" here!

Installing Door Windows.

A "fiddly" job, as Rob would say.


With links to topics related to VW bumpers.

Removing and Installing Fenders.

Not hard, just tedious.

Installing a New Front Apron.

A difficult job -- helps if you know how to weld!

Installing a New Rear Apron.

Similar to the front apron. Discussion and pictures.


Some good advice about this nagging concern.

Surface Preparation and Paint.

It's the first thing that gets noticed, and more tedious than you can imagine!

Running Board Replacement

Sure makes your Bug look good!

And More!

A complete list of all of our material related to the VW body.


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